Britons ‘overpaid £7.2bn on energy bills over two years’

A new report has found that the UK and Italy have paid the highest gas spot prices during the period of energy crisis

Ofgem under fire for ‘shifting costs to customers’

Citizens Advice has claimed that supplier profit margins are higher than they should be

Ofgem to reveal new energy price cap

The energy regulator is set to announce the energy price cap level coming into play on 1st January

UK energy debt soars

Almost three million UK households owe more to their energy suppliers, new report finds

Suppliers slammed over remote switching households to prepayments

Ofgem’s executive has warned over “concerning” cases that some vulnerable customers were cut off remotely

Thousands of Britons turn to prepayment meters amid energy crisis

Nearly 10,000 prepayment meters are predicted to be installed every month this winter, according to a report

Ofgem will reportedly urge people to cut energy usage

The regulator will allegedly reveal later today a campaign to urge Britons reduce their electricity and gas usage

How can smart meter data help the Energy Price Guarantee scheme?

The Energy Price Guarantee is designed to limit the price households pay per unit of gas and electricity they use

Electricity and gas switching activity fell to a 20-year low

Electricity and gas transfers were down by 85% and 86% respectively, according to a report

Wealthy households urged to donate £400 energy grant to poorer families

Charities have already received donations from people who do not need energy bill discount