UK winter gas boiler usage drops by 18%

Gas boiler usage witnessed a substantial winter decline, notably in rented households, falling from 72% in winter 2021 to 54% in winter 2022

High concerns over energy bills persist, with 66% of UK households worried

Rising energy prices and the end of support schemes contribute to ongoing anxiety over electricity bills, according to a survey

Government survey reveals nearly 85% of Brits are concerned about climate change

Support for renewables was at a record high of 87%, according to new survey

Nearly 40% are ‘worried about paying for energy bills’

Government data shows a quarter of the public have switched supplier in the last year

Only 28% of Brits have heard of heat networks

Of those who were aware of them, just over half were positive towards heat networks, new report shows

Almost 80% of people in the UK ‘support the use of renewable energy’

The support is highest for solar, wave and offshore wind energy, according to the latest BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker

Eight-in-ten Britons are ‘concerned about climate change’

Almost 35% of the UK public are ‘very worried’ about the issue, according to a report

More than three-quarters of UK public are ‘concerned about climate change’

That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker, which is now on its 33rd wave of finding out what the UK public think about a variety of energy issues