Octopus launches tariff to reward UK businesses for off-peak energy use

With three different rates based on time of day, this flexible tariff rewards businesses for shifting usage away from peak times

Octopus has introduced a new time-of-use tariff, aimed at benefiting UK businesses. 

The “Shape Shifters” tariff offers flexibility and rewards businesses for utilising energy during off-peak periods.

By encouraging energy consumption during greener and less busy times, the tariff enables businesses to make savings while also contributing to a more sustainable energy grid.

The new tariff operates on a time-of-use basis, providing businesses with three different rates based on the time of day.

This approach allows businesses to access reduced prices for electricity usage outside of peak hours.

To become a Shape Shifter, businesses must currently be on a variable Octopus tariff and possess a functional smart meter.

The tariff offers a fixed 12-month contract, ensuring businesses enjoy guaranteed rewarding pricing throughout the year.

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