Nation’s roar for Lionesses ignites power surge

Despite a hard-fought 1-0 loss to Spain in the Women’s World Cup final, the Lionesses generated 500MW TV pickup at halftime, according to National Grid ESO

The UK’s support for the Lionesses led to a rise in electricity consumption during the Women’s World Cup final.

The electricity system operator has confirmed that the strong national backing for the Lionesses led to an upswing in electricity usage during halftime.

This resulted in a 500MW increase in TV usage during halftime.

This phenomenon, known as the “TV pickup effect,” is observed during significant televised moments.

England’s triumph over Germany during their UEFA EURO 2020 created an increase of about 1GW in electricity demand at halftime, along with a subsequent rise of approximately 1.6GW after the match concluded.

This amount of power is comparable to the energy consumption of roughly 320 million light bulbs and 888,000 kettles.

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