OVO Energy’s complaint backlog sparks Ofgem action

OVO Energy has come under the scrutiny of Ofgem, following a surge of unresolved customer complaints and extensive waiting times

Ofgem has initiated compliance engagement proceedings with OVO Energy, in response to mounting concerns over unresolved customer complaints and extended waiting periods.

The move follows alerts from the Energy Ombudsman and Citizens Advice Scotland, prompting Ofgem’s intervention to ensure that customer service standards are upheld.

OVO Energy has been tasked with meeting specific improvement targets and addressing the backlog of outstanding complaints promptly.

Ofgem‘s expectations also encompass a reduction in the time it takes to resolve customer issues.

An Ofgem spokesperson said: “There are no excuses for poor customer service and Ofgem has made this clear to all suppliers. Where concerns are raised with us, we will follow up and take appropriate steps.
“OVO has assured us they are taking steps to address the concerns raised by the Energy Ombudsman and Citizens Advice. We will monitor the situation and expect to see things improve.
“However, if they do not we will consider further steps, including the possibility of enforcement action and fines.”
An OVO spokesperson told Energy Live News: “Ofgem did not identify any non-compliance from OVO on this matter. We continue to place serious emphasis on the support we provide to our customers and have assured Ofgem of this.”

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