Wind-powered cargo ship sets sail

A pioneering cargo vessel equipped with large, British-designed wing sails powered by wind has embarked on its first journey

A cargo ship has embarked on its voyage with WindWings sails, a technology aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability.

The vessel, chartered by shipping firm Cargill, features expansive British-designed rigid sails known as WindWings.

The technology is designed to trim fuel consumption, a move that aligns with the industry’s growing commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The pioneering technology is harnessing wind power to complement traditional propulsion methods.

John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of BAR Technologies, said: “If international shipping is to achieve its ambition of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, then innovation must come to the fore.

“Wind is a near marginal cost-free fuel and the opportunity for reducing emissions, alongside significant efficiency gains in vessel operating costs, is substantial.”

The technology, when utilised on typical global routes, has the potential to conserve 1.5 tonnes of fuel daily per WindWing, Cargill has said.

It added that these savings could increase on transoceanic journeys.

This translates to financial benefits, with vessel owners potentially saving approximately $800 (£627) per tonne on heavy fuel oil.

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