‘Peterborough’s solar success could amp up UK’s power by 7GW’

Peterborough leads English constituencies with the highest deployment of domestic solar photovoltaic systems, boasting a total of 6,744 installations, according to government data

The UK’s solar capacity could surge by a remarkable 7GW, if all English constituencies follow Peterborough’s lead in solar panel installations.

That’s one of the findings of a new research by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), which suggests this local success story could have a nationwide impact, potentially generating a solar capacity equivalent to two nuclear power stations.

The ECIU estimates that household and commercial rooftop solar have the potential to save a significant £450 million on energy bills.

Analysts have noted that the roofs of commercial structures, including warehouses, hold the potential to generate a substantial 15GW of solar energy.

When combined with the surge in domestic solar panels seen in Peterborough, this figure could leap to an additional capacity of 22GW – a capacity equivalent to nearly seven nuclear power stations.

Based on this scenario, an estimated 20TWh of electricity could be produced annually through solar power.

This clean energy output, in comparison, could replace the need for approximately 40TWh of gas consumption.

According to the report, this amount of gas would suffice to heat over 3.5 million homes for a full year, which is on par with the energy contained in around 50 LNG tankers.

Government records reveal that Peterborough leads among English constituencies in deploying domestic solar photovoltaic systems, boasting a comprehensive total of 6,744 installations.

This means that rooftop solar panels are on more than one out of every six homes (17%) in the constituency.

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