Tech boosts unmanned gas platforms in Norway

MAN Energy Solutions receives orders for seven compressor systems to power Aker BP’s unmanned gas production platforms

MAN Energy Solutions has secured three contracts to provide seven compressor systems for Aker BP’s unmanned gas production platforms.

These platforms, including the Valhall PWP-Fenris project, are poised to innovate offshore operations in the Norwegian sector.

The Valhall field, situated approximately 290 kilometres off the southern Norwegian coast, holds a prominent position in the region, having produced more than a billion barrels of oil equivalents since its inception in 1982.

The introduction of MAN compressor systems to the Valhall PWP-Fenris platform is expected to extend the field’s operational lifespan and notably boost its gas-processing capacity.

In the Yggdrasil area, another major field development on the Norwegian shelf, advanced technology will enable remotely operated platforms to be controlled from an integrated operations centre in Stavanger.

This approach is expected to enhance safety measures and reduce operational costs.

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