‘Simple tweaks can cut energy bills by £160’

Consumers are encouraged to adopt minor changes in their energy consumption habits to save as much as £160 on their energy bills

UK families can cut £160 from their annual energy bills with three easy home heating adjustments, according to Nesta.

These no-cost tweaks include lowering boiler flow temperature, setting hot water temperature and adjusting radiator valves.

The charity’s campaign has already helped three million households save money and reduce emissions, with around 29% of UK homes still able to benefit from these changes.

As winter looms, UK households face the familiar challenge of rising energy bills.

However, there’s a silver lining on the horizon, as new research by Nesta suggests that making a few simple adjustments to home heating could yield substantial savings.

Nesta reveals that families can potentially reduce their annual energy bills by £160 through three straightforward changes to their heating systems.

The research, conducted in collaboration with Cambridge Architectural Research (CAR), focuses on three key tweaks:

  • Lowering combi boiler flow temperature: Adjusting the flow temperature of combi boilers to 60°C could save an average of £65 annually.
  • Setting hot water temperature: Fine-tuning the hot water temperature on a combi boiler to 42°C could result in savings of £17.
  • Adjusting radiator valves: Simply turning down the radiator valves outside the living room by one setting could add an extra £78 to annual savings.

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