Energy bills top list of Brits’ winter financial concerns

Energy bills are the top financial concern for 46% of UK adults, with single-person households most worried, according to a new survey

Energy bills are the most significant financial worry for 46% of UK adults.

That’s one of the findings of a new survey by the personal finance comparison site finder, which suggests single-person households express the most concern, with more than half (53%) naming energy bills as a top financial worry for the season.

This is followed by those sharing a household with one other person (46%).

In contrast, people in larger households, with up to six members, are less anxious, with only 34% of this group mentioning energy bills as a primary winter concern.

Following closely is the concern about affording the weekly grocery shop.

The survey of 2,000 people also suggests nearly a quarter of Brits (23%) find this a major financial worry for the upcoming winter, mainly due to rising food prices in 2023, which have made grocery shopping challenging for many households.

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