EV charging goes off-peak

UK Power Networks and ubitricity have partnered to optimise electric vehicle charging by reducing demand during peak usage hours

UK electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator ubitricity has partnered with UK Power Networks (UKPN), the country’s largest electricity distribution network.

This collaboration aims to improve EV charging by strategically shifting demand away from peak periods, offering more flexibility to EV drivers.

Under a two-year “flexibility tender” agreement, Ubitricity, a subsidiary of Shell plc, will introduce a pilot programme across selected public EV charge points.

The primary objective is to reposition a portion of EV charging away from peak hours, reducing pressure on the electricity grid during high-demand periods.

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Director of DSO at UKPN, said: “This agreement is great news for customers because we are opening up opportunities for even more people through flexible charging.

“Widening participation in flexibility is a key part of our plan to keep connecting low carbon technologies to the electricity network while delivering savings to customers of £60 million in traditional network investment in 2023 alone.”

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