‘Cold UK homes threaten worker productivity’

As homeowners opt to keep heating off to save on energy costs, millions of working hours are expected to be lost this winter, according to a report

As winter approaches, a survey conducted by national builders’ merchant Jewson highlights a notable trend suggesting potential productivity losses in the UK due to cold homes.

Despite 62% of respondents acknowledging that a cold home may affect productivity and concentration, an estimated three-quarters of homeowners are anticipated to keep their heating either switched off entirely or set to a low temperature to reduce energy costs.

The survey by Jewson provides insights into the physical and mental impact of residing in cold homes, with 57% of respondents reporting adverse side effects, including health concerns and a decline in overall wellbeing.

Additionally, more than two-thirds (67%) express concerns that maintaining warmth in their homes during winter could pose a growing challenge in the next five years.

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