2023 sees lowest UK gas usage since 2015

Although gas remained a significant electricity source last year, its usage hit a low not seen since 2015

In the year 2023, gas continued to play a significant role as the largest fuel source for electricity generation in Britain.

However, despite its status as the primary contributor, the use of gas witnessed a notable decline, reaching its lowest point since 2015.

According to National Grid ESO, December 2023 marked a distinct milestone, representing the 15th consecutive month where zero carbon generation outpaced fossil fuel generation.

Coal’s role in electricity generation drastically reduced by more than 97% since 2013, contributing just 1% in 2023.

Wind power grew, constituting 29.4% of electricity generation, breaking records like 21.8GW on 21st December.

Zero carbon sources provided over 50% of electricity in certain months, signalling a decline in fossil fuel use.

A new low fossil record of 1503MW on 28th December highlighted this trend.

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