New robot deployed for electrical fault detection

SSEN Transmission has introduced a robot at Blackhillock HVDC Substation, offering real time monitoring of electrical components for quicker fault identification and maintenance

SSEN Transmission is set to introduce a new robot at the Blackhillock high voltage direct current (HVDC) switching station in Keith, marking its first use in Scotland‘s electricity transmission network.

The robot aims to monitor and inspect electrical equipment, aiding in the identification of faults and future maintenance needs within the HVDC converter stations.

Tania Shaw, SSEN Transmission Innovation Project Manager, said: “Deploying the EXTRM MK4.1 means we can check the condition of our electrical equipment and assets in real time in the HVDC halls, meaning we can establish and identify any areas which require maintenance quickly to include within planned outages.

“Engineers cannot enter the halls when they are energised, and any innovation which can help us mitigate against unplanned outages, efficiently monitor our equipment in real time while is a huge advantage to the north of Scotland transmission network.”

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