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Britain’s Sahara solar solution unveiled

Britain plans to utilise solar farms in the Sahara Desert, aided by a 700ft ship, to connect Moroccan renewables to a substation in Devon, potentially meeting 8% of the UK's power demand

A project aims to utilise solar resources from the Sahara Desert to power homes in Britain.

Led by the Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project, it aims to address energy needs by utilising renewable sources over long distances.

The project involves constructing solar panels and wind turbines across 1,500 square kilometres of the Moroccan desert.

To transmit electricity, the world’s largest cable-laying vessel will install four parallel cables spanning the distance between Morocco and Devon.

This colossal ship, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery, is designed to handle the demanding task of laying cables across vast distances with precision and efficiency.

Upon completion, the initiative is expected to inject approximately 3.6GW of electricity into the UK’s national grid, meeting 8% of the country’s power requirements.

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