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UK data centres heat up heating networks

Tech trade association techUK has published a report exploring the potential benefits and challenges of integrating data centre heat into district heating networks across the UK

Challenges are at the forefront of efforts to integrate data centre heat into UK district heating networks.

In a new report, trade association techUK explores these hurdles and the path to overcome them for greater sustainability and energy efficiency.

The importance of collaboration between data centre operators and heat network providers is highlighted, along with the need to address seasonal fluctuations and infrastructure requirements for efficient heat distribution.

Additionally, the report emphasises the role of sustainability and regulatory frameworks in achieving net zero objectives, calling for government guidance on participation criteria and quality standards.

Luisa Cardani, Head of Data Centres at techUK, said: “The utilisation of data centre heat for district heating networks in the UK holds significant promise, particularly from sustainability and corporate social responsibility standpoints.

“By embracing a circular economy model, data centres can redirect surplus residual heat to local networks, optimising resource utilisation.

“Addressing the challenges ahead is imperative for the successful integration of data centre heat into district heating networks. Stakeholders must collaborate to ensure long term viability and alignment with sustainability goals.”

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