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Britain faces hosepipe bans despite record rainfall

Despite experiencing the wettest 18 months on record, Britain faces the possibility of hosepipe bans and water shortages this summer due to infrastructure issues and a shortage of reservoirs, experts warn

Despite recording the wettest 18 months on record, experts are warning of potential hosepipe bans and water shortages in Britain this summer.

Jamie Hannaford, a hydrologist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, noted the exceptionally wet winter, particularly in England.

Despite England experiencing higher rainfall than usual, the lack of storage facilities impedes water stockpiling for the summer.

Approximately 30 new reservoirs are estimated to be needed to meet the country’s growing water demands.

However, no new reservoir has been built since 1992, despite an 11 million increase in population.

Jamie Hannaford told the Guardian: “If there is below-average rainfall sustained over the coming months, especially if temperatures are also high (leading to high evaporation rates and water demand), then this could put pressure on water supplies in areas where there is limited groundwater storage, which rely on rivers and reservoirs for water supply.”

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