Britain’s largest lake covered with ‘toxic’ blue-green algae

People have been urged to stay out of Windermere Lake as it turned green from algae

UK water company hit by cyber attack

The parent company of South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water has said it is dealing with disruption in its IT network

Cornwall’s ‘first hosepipe ban in 26 years’ to be introduced next week

The temporary water use ban will come into effect next Tuesday

Activists plug golf holes with cement in climate change protest

French eco-protestors have sealed up holes to highlight the “monopolisation” of water by the golf industry

People queuing to get bottled water as taps run dry in Surrey

Thames Water has received fierce criticism over the failure of its welfare services during the heatwave

Yorkshire Water launches hosepipe ban as English regions declare drought

The new hosepipe ban will come into force on 26th August

Turn the taps off Boris!

Prime Minister is urged to set an example to the rest of the country by reducing his water usage

Village becomes ‘UK’s first’ area to run out of water

Villagers of Northend, Oxfordshire have been given bottled water

‘Weather extremes could destabilise entire socioeconomic systems’

Energy, health and agriculture sectors are those likely to see the worst cascading effects of extreme weather, according to a new study

UK’s largest water company to implement hosepipe ban ‘in coming weeks’

Thames Water has said it will announce the timing of the “temporary” measure soon