UK sets course for net zero in UK’s maritime sector

The newly formed Maritime Council held its inaugural meeting to discuss the implementation of the government’s maritime 2050 strategy

Government rejects interim targets for hydrogen production

The UK Government has declined Scottish Affairs Committee’s recommendation for interim targets in hydrogen production for reaching net zero by 2050

Labour: Oil and gas will be part of the mix for decades to come

Sir Keir Starmer has affirmed his determination to prevent the oil and gas sector from mirroring the pitfalls of the coal mines

Aussie-UK pact on supercharged minerals to power clean-tech revolution

Australia and the UK will collaborate on the acquisition and preservation of vital minerals – rare earth minerals, are highly sought-after for their use in wind turbines and EV batteries

Scotland slams UK Government’s nuclear emphasis in energy security plan

The Scottish Government has said nuclear power remains an unsustainable solution to the country’s net zero energy goals

UN Chief: ‘Fast-track net zero to 2040’

That’s in light of the findings of the latest IPCC report

‘For net zero’s success, public sector must take charge’

Confidence will be critical to its achievement by 2050, an ADE report claims

Chris Skidmore: “Net zero has gone viral”

Making sure its “delivery and implementation” also go viral is the next step, the net zero czar told ELN

Sir Patrick Vallance says 2050 ‘a long way off’

He is calling for short-term scientific targets to keep the UK on track

High Court rules government net zero aim falls short of the mark

The 2050 plan lacks sufficient detail, the court has found