Green gas support scheme extended to March 2028

The government has extended the scheme, responding to industry challenges in waste feedstock acquisition and supply chain delays

Greater Manchester considers first dry anaerobic digestion plants in England

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority Waste and Recycling Committee has endorsed the construction of two dry anaerobic digestion plants in the North West

Nearly 50k leftover pumpkins turned into renewable energy

Severn Trent anticipates converting more than 50,000 leftover pumpkins into renewable energy

UK green gas support scheme application deadline extended

The Green Gas Support Scheme application window has been extended to 2028, offering anaerobic digestion plant operators an extra two years to meet eligibility criteria for government funding

Derby AD plant upgraded for food waste processing

Severn Trent Green Power’s refurbished Derby AD facility is now prepared to process food waste, with upgraded capacity and treatment processes

AstraZeneca strikes UK biogas deal

The new partnership will involve the transfer of 100,000MWh of domestically generated biomethane from Future Biogas’ anaerobic digestion facilities to AstraZeneca’s UK sites via the national gas grid

Opposition for new Hampshire biogas plant grows

TV presenter Chris Tarrant has joined local groups that oppose the anaerobic digestion plant that will occupy approximately 7.6 hectares of land

‘Heat pumps can cut carbon from biogas by 36%’

This is according to scientists, claiming they clean up the process of anaerobic digestion

The Carbon Column – Can gas be green?

In this post I discuss green gas, an alternative fuel to natural gas

Industry body urges government to ban Russian natural gas imports

Biomethane could provide a sustainable way to help the UK phase out Russian gas, ADBA Chief Executive has said