Scientist who helped link humans to climate change dies

Claude Lorius’ research helped prove that mankind has influenced global warming

Iceberg the size of London on the run

Another giant ice mass is currently heading towards South Georgia

Current sea level rise ‘matches worst-case climate warming scenarios’

The rising water levels could expose an additional 16 million people to annual coastal flooding, according to a new study

Antartica’s temperature exceeds 20°C for first time since records began

The temperature recorded on Seymour Island at the northernmost point of the continent reached 20.75°C on the ninth of February

NASA to launch new laser to track Earth’s polar ice loss

The new technology will measure the height change of ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica ‘to within the width of a pencil’

UK scientists recruit seals to measure climate change effects

The deep diving animals collected data that could be used to sharpen projections of rising sea levels

UK-US researchers to lead giant Antarctic glacier study

The scientists will examine whether the glacier’s collapse could begin in the next few decades or centuries and investigate possible global disruptions due to climate change