Octopus Energy to supply clean power for Lime’s electric bicycles

The companies say they hope the partnership will help to provide environmentally-friendly transport options for London

ELN Power Ride takes it up a gear for Versus Arthritis

We managed to cycle a total of 2,345 kilometres – equivalent to the distance between London and Tripoli

Bicycle projects can earn saleable carbon credits

Transportation of urban passengers is said to have accounted for 7% of global emissions in 2015

Something sustainable for the weekend? Cycle in London for free!

Santander bikes will be free to use this weekend. TfL and the bank have made the announcement to celebrate six years since the launch of the city’s cycle scheme. A shareable code will be publicised which, when entered into the Santander Cycles app or docking station terminal, will provide free access to the bikes for 30 minutes […]

Brazilian film festival powered by bikes

A film festival powered by energy generated from bikes is taking place in Brazil. The ‘Cine Pedal Brasil’ festival is a free outdoor screening of films which projects movies thanks to the energy produced by the audience while they are pedalling their bikes. The festival, created by Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival, aims to promote the use of […]

Dutch bike solar road generates energy

A solar panel-lined road initiative that generates electricity has proved more successful than expected. Last year a 70-metre cycle path was built in the north of Amsterdam, fitted with solar cells underneath a top layer of tempered glass roughly 1cm thick. During a six-month trial, it generated 3,000kWh – enough electricity for a single household […]

Solar bike path wheels into action

A small town in the Netherlands is the frontier for a new type of energy harvesting – but not pedal power. Today a new solar panel-lined bike path on the outskirts of Krommenie will officially be opened by Dutch Economic Affairs Minister, Henk Kamp. Called SolaRoad, it is a pilot test of just a hundred […]