EU to set aside large portion of 2020 budget for climate change

Around 21% of the overall budget will be invested in climate-related projects

TESS 2019: Driving your business towards a green energy future

Thomas Lyman Smith from Ørsted will be discussing that and much more at The Energy Solutions Show in Birmingham this Wednesday

UK ‘must introduce an economy-wide carbon tax’

Policy Exchange suggests the Budget announcement is an ideal opportunity to announce such a move

Trump budget proposes renewable cuts and coal boosts

US President Donald Trump’s has proposed to increase funding for coal while reducing the money available to support schemes for nuclear energy and clean power. Under his latest budget proposal, he would offer $502 million (£361m) for fossil energy research and development, an increase of $81 million (£58m) on the year before, which the President […]

Chancellor ‘must close delivery truck pollution loophole’

The Chancellor could save £126 million and slash pollution by closing a tax loophole encouraging delivery trucks to use red diesel. That’s according to the Dearman Engine Company, which says an estimated 26,000 cold delivery trucks have two engines – one propelling the truck and the second cooling the storage compartment. While main engines are […]

Stop incentivising UK diesel vehicles, urge campaigners

The UK Government is facing fresh calls to remove tax incentives for diesel vehicles. The Healthy Air Coalition, which brings together medical professionals, environmental and transport groups, is demanding a change to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) which they say subsidise diesel cars. In a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond ahead of the Budget, the […]

Osborne’s oil and gas tax cuts biased?

The recent oil and gas tax cuts announced by Chancellor George Osborne are “biased towards older, existing assets”, according to an energy analyst. Mr Osborne said he will cut the Supplementary Charge on oil and gas from 20% to 10% and scrap the Petroleum Revenue Tax (PRT). The PRT is a special tax on profits […]

Guest Blog: Dave Cockshott – Budget comes with long lasting price tag

From scrapping the CRC and rebalancing the ratio between power and gas, to investment in energy storage, Osborne’s eighth Budget contained plenty of news for business energy professionals. We now know that businesses’ pleas for simplicity have been answered, from April 2019 we will have a single energy tax and a simplified reporting framework. You […]

Budget 2016: Osborne scraps CRC, raises CCL and cuts tax for oil & gas

  The UK Government has guaranteed tax reliefs for the oil and gas industry and plans to abolish the “bureaucratic and burdensome” Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). As part of his Budget announcement today, Chancellor George Osborne said he will cut the Supplementary Charge on oil and gas from 20% to 10% and scrap the Petroleum Revenue […]

Government urged to support renewables in Budget

Investing in renewable energy generation rather than the government’s current low carbon energy policy could help the UK save around £420 million between 2020 and 2025. That’s according to a report from Green Alliance which added a low carbon generation gap of 20TWh could be created as a result of the current regulations. The ‘Beyond […]