How will “Green Day” rock the UK’s energy sector?

The government is set to unveil additional measures next week aimed at bolstering energy security and fulfilling its net zero emissions pledge

Big Zero Report 2022

The upcoming ‘Green Day’ will see the UK government unveil further measures aimed at strengthening energy security and meeting its net zero emissions commitments.

The announcement is expected to take place next week.

A few days ago, in the Spring Budget, the Chancellor confirmed: “In addition to the measures in the Spring Budget, the government will set out further action later this month to ensure energy security in the UK and meet our net zero commitments.”

ELN understands that the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero will provide an update on the Net Zero Strategy they were instructed by the High Court to enhance, as well as respond to Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review.

Sources indicate that the UK government may reveal a range of environmental policies and other initiatives, modelled after the extensive package of green energy subsidies included in the US Inflation Reduction Act.

The upcoming announcements are being described by the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero as a “big bang moment.”

Earlier today, the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) said the government rejected many of its recommendations aimed at accelerating the decarbonisation of the country’s energy supply.

The EAC recommended policies to increase energy efficiency in buildings, facilitate low carbon energy installations, improve low-emission transport and phase out fossil fuels.

However, the government response outlined existing policy initiatives and did not engage meaningfully with the committee’s recommendations, the EAC has said.

The committed added that it looked forward to further government announcements expected on ‘Green Day’ next week.

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