Greta’s climate speech interrupted by stage incident

A large climate protest in Amsterdam, attended by tens of thousands, experienced an interruption during climate activist Greta Thunberg’s speech

XR Founder convicted of £27,5k damage in protest

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Gail Bradbrook has been convicted of causing £27,500 in damage during a 2019 protest at the Department for Transport

Grant Shapps demands Labour pays for Just Stop Oil’s damage to Energy Security Department

The Energy Security Secretary has called on Labour Party leader Keir Starmer to cover the expenses for the “criminal damage” caused by Just Stop Oil activists

Greta Thunberg: School’s out but I’ll still strike

Although she has graduated from ‘school striking,’ the Swedish campaigner has stressed this won’t stop her protesting

Climate protestors crash Formula E race

Members of Letzte Generation climbed over fences and parked themselves in front of the electric race cars to stop the race taking place

Barry Hearn says he’ll help snooker fans sue Just Stop Oil protestor

“Join me in taking civil action against that young man for the cost incurred,” the former World Snooker Chairman said

Greenpeace campaigners climb aboard Shell oil and gas platform

The platform was being transported to the Shetland Islands when the protestors managed to get on

Barclays climate protestors facing jail time

The seven campaigners were found to have caused £100,000 in criminal damage to the bank in Canary Wharf last year

Climate activists inside COP27 to battle protest ban

They are protesting inside the summit, as it is temporarily under international jurisdiction

Climate change giving youngsters second thoughts on having kids

Africa is the most worried continent, after experiencing climate shocks themselves – a UNICEF report has found