Next step for geothermal sourced from abandoned flooded coal mines

Water extracted from mines will be converted into low carbon heat for local buildings

Boris Johnson criticised for comments on Thatcher coal mine closures

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon branded the Prime Minister’s remarks as ‘crass and insensitive’

Abandoned coal mines in North East England to be turned into geothermal energy project

The mine water district heating system is expected to cut 319 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year

Two arrested for chained protest at Durham coal mine

Friends chained themselves together outside mine to protect local wildlife

Allianz pledges to cut back on insuring coal companies

It plans to phase out both its proprietary investments in coal-based business and its insurance coverage of such risks by 2040

New project to improve mine water treatment efficiency

A new project aims to improve the efficiency of mine water treatment schemes. The Coal Authority, which manages Britain’s coal mines and employs contractors to clean water cascades and pipework across its 75 mine water treatment sites, is working with scientists from the University of Sheffield on the project. The manual ‘wash and brush-ups’ are […]

EU clears €2.13bn Spanish aid to shut coal mines

Spain has been granted consent by European authorities to provide €2.13 billion (£1.62bn) in public funds to close 26 coal mines. The European Commission said the nation’s plans are in line with EU state aid rules Last month Spain notified plans to grant funds to the operators of “uncompetitive” coal mines that are due to […]

Coal Authority’s scheme to protect water source

A new scheme aimed at protecting the source of drinking water from contamination by mine water has been launched at Whitburn. It will stop mine water from entering the limestone rocks beneath the surface, which hold the water source for thousands of homes and businesses in South Tyneside and Sunderland. According to the Coal Authority, when […]

Two coal mines to close as government refuses aid

Two of the last three UK coal pits are to close by the end of the year. Energy Minister Matthew Hancock confirmed the government would not provide £338 million of taxpayers’ cash which would have kept the mines open until 2018. UK Coal had asked for the money for the mines at Kellingley (pictured) in […]

US coal exports fuel nation’s economy

Rising exports of US coal to Europe and Asia boosted the country’s economy by $16.6 billion (£11bn) in 2011 and helped create jobs. In a report released by the National Mining Association (NMA), analysts at Ernst & Young found 107 million tons of coal exported in 2011 supported 141,270 “high-wage” jobs, “paying nearly 50% above […]