UK Government seeks advice on net zero emissions target

The announcement comes as the first ever Green GB Week is launched, aimed at bringing people together to tackle climate change with more than 100 events across the country

UK to seek advice from Committee on Climate Change to cut emissions

The request is likely to be made following the publication of a special report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October

UK’s Committee on Climate Change appoints new chief

The UK’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has announced the appointment of a new chief executive. Chris Stark will take on the role from 16th April this year, taking over from Matthew Bell who stepped down last year. Mr Stark is currently the Scottish Government’s Director of Energy and Climate Change, leading its approach to […]

CfD funding ‘will leave 70TWh emissions reduction gap’

The £730 million allocated for Contracts for Difference (CfD) auctions will leave an emissions reduction gap of up to 70TWh. That’s according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), which has said the government need to contract this volume of low carbon power beyond existing funding to avoid missing its 2030 target of cutting emissions […]

UK’s climate targets ‘could prove harder for Wales’

The UK’s climate change targets could prove more difficult for Wales. That’s the suggestion from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), which has made a series of recommendations for the country to meet its emissions targets. It says it will be more challenging for Wales to reduce its emissions due to the Welsh economy’s reliance […]

UK responds to Committee on Climate Change’s recommendations

The government has responded to a series of recommendations made by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on how to help the UK power sector mitigate climate change and hit carbon budgets. It has confirmed its intention to phase out unabated coal generation by 2025 and promised to deliver new nuclear capacity to support intermittent […]

‘Carbon credits shouldn’t affect Welsh emissions targets’

Wales’ green targets should be based on the country’s actual emissions, rather than being open to adjustment using carbon credits. That’s according to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), which was asked by the Welsh Government to provide independent advice on how best to account and budget for the use of carbon. Wales plans to reduce […]

UK can’t afford to delay in cutting emissions, warns climate watchdog

The UK Government must take concrete action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the lowest cost. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published a package of measures showing how action taken now will ensure “the UK has the flexibility to go further in the future”. It states Brexit does not change the UK’s […]

Is the NHS ready for climate change?

Hospitals are being asked to share how prepared they are – if at all – for climate change by the NHS’s Sustainable Development Unit (SDU). The query comes after warnings nine in ten hospital wards are at risk of overheating because of climate change-related rising temperatures. The worrying research for the Committee on Climate Change […]

Stick to carbon emissions targets, says CCC

There is no legal or economic case for reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions targets, the government’s climate change advisers said today. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) believes there is nothing to “justify a lowering of ambition” of the fourth carbon budget which was set in 2011 to meet the target of cutting 80% […]