EU approves Belgian clean schemes

The EU has approved two Belgian certification schemes for renewable electricity and high-efficiency cogeneration. It said the initiatives in Flanders were in line with EU State aid rules because they contribute to reaching international energy and climate goals whilst preserving competition in the market. The green certificates scheme means renewable electricity producers can receive one […]

Green fund offers €30k innovation contest

A fund for green growth has launched a competition to find innovative new approaches to improving energy conservation, renewable energy and resource efficiency. The Green Growth Fund’s (GGF) ‘[email protected]’ contest hopes to find businesses, experienced start-ups, charities, research bodies or other relevant organisations with ideas to change current practices and demonstrate strong positive climate impacts. […]

US offers $3m to boost solar manufacturing

The US Department of Energy has announced a $3 million (£2m) competition to boost innovation in solar manufacturing. It is seeking entrepreneurs to develop new processes and products “that will reassert American leadership in the solar marketplace”. The programme will help catalyse early and ongoing connections with both corporate and venture capital to bring crucial […]

Heathrow offers £20k to help sustainability fly high

Heathrow Airport is offering a £20,000 prize for green, innovative ideas on how to make the aviation sector more sustainable. The competition aims to solve the range of environmental challenges faced by airports as the world gradually moves towards decarbonising energy systems and mitigating climate change. The winning business or organisation will take the money […]

€5m for bright minds that turn sunlight into fuel

Researchers and innovators are being offered €5 million (£4.4m) for the best prototype that produces sustainable fuel by combining sunlight, water and carbon from the air. The European Commission’s competition was launched at the One Planet Summit in Paris yesterday. The applicants will have to build a fully functional, experimental prototype device of a fuel […]

Government offers up to £44m for advanced and mini nuclear plants

The UK Government is providing up to £44 million for small and advanced modular reactors (AMR) feasibility and development programme. AMRs differ from conventional reactors , which use pressurised or boiling water for primary cooling. They aim to maximise the amount of off-site factory fabrication. Small modular reactors use existing or new nuclear technology scaled […]

UK business ‘must clean up to stay competitive’

The UK’s key business sectors will have to decarbonise to remain competitive amongst foreign competition. That’s the suggestion from a new report released by CAFOD, Christian Aid, RSPB, Green Alliance, Greenpeace and WWF. These groups claim important export sectors such as the automotive and chemicals industries risk missing out if they don’t quickly adapt to […]

UK commits up to £8.8m for smart energy management

The government plans to provide up to £8.8 million to develop innovative approaches to smart energy management. The Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition aims to drive innovation in the energy services market in three priority sectors: hospitality, retail and schools. It will help businesses become more energy efficient and cut their energy costs, enabling them […]

UK launches £7.75m domestic DSR competition

The UK Government is inviting businesses to bid for a share of a £7.75 million competition to develop domestic applications of demand side response (DSR) technologies. The aim of the competition is to identify and demonstrate controllable, flexible demand in real domestic environments which can be replicated at significant scale in identical or similar applications. […]

Smaller UK businesses ‘paying twice as much for electricity’

Average electricity prices are around 50% higher for very small businesses than for large or very large consumers. That’s the findings of Ofgem’s new State of the Energy Markets report, which also reveals non-domestic gas prices can be twice as high. It suggests retail markets “typically work well” for larger businesses but small and micro […]