Energy industry ‘most-hit’ for mobile phishing attacks

A new report found that the number of attacks rose by 161% in the last year

UK energy sector ‘faces the highest risk of cyber attack’

The industry had a median loss of more than £25,000 in the last year, according to a new report

Hackers try to poison US town’s water supply

The cyber attack on a water treatment plant in Florida is being reportedly investigated by the FBI

UK firms with poor cybersecurity measures could face £17m fine

Organisations that fail to implement “effective” cybersecurity measures could be fined as much as £17 million or 4% of global turnover. The warning from the UK Government comes as it aims to ensure essential services like energy, water, transport, health and digital infrastructure firms are prepared to deal with the increasing number of cyber threats. […]

Cyber attack hits energy firms in Ukraine and Russia

A cyber attack has targeted Europe’s critical services and systems, affecting energy suppliers and power grids. The ransomware initially targeted Ukraine, hitting major energy firms, government offices, private and state banks, the main airport and the metro system in the capital city of Kiev. State energy provider Ukrenergo said an attack on its IT systems had not affected service but workers […]

UK Government sets out water sector cyber security strategy

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has set out a new strategy to reduce the risks of cyber-attacks in the water industry. The ‘Water Sector Cyber Security’ strategy incorporates contributions from the sector and aims to guide activities across water companies and government. To realise the vision, the government and water sector […]

‘First utility cyber attack will happen this year’

The first reported instance of a cyber attack on a utilities provider will happen this year. That’s according to Perry Stoneman, Global Head of Utilities at consulting firm Capgemini, who told ELN it would likely take the form of a ransomware attack. This is when computer systems are hacked by criminals who then demand a sum of money to avoid […]

Energy sector ‘attractive target for hackers’

Energy companies have seen a massive increase in the number of cyber-attacks in the past year. It is among the top concerns for energy leaders, especially in countries with high infrastructure maturity, mainly in North America and Europe, a report by the World Energy Council (WEC) states. It adds that’s due to the increase of interconnection […]

Chinese Hinkley investment could pose ‘cyber risk’

Chinese involvement in the development of Hinkley Point C could leave the UK open to cyber attacks and blackouts. That is according to security expert Robert Lee, CEO of cyber security company Dragos Inc. He suggested by accepting Chinese investment, Britain could open itself up to cyber attacks like those recently seen in the Ukraine. […]

South Korea tests cyber attack drills after hack on nuclear plant

A South Korean nuclear power plant has launched a two-day safety drill after the company had its computer systems hacked. Last week the designs and manuals of equipment from Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power’s (KHNP) plant were put online by an unknown group or individual who named themselves the “president of the anti-nuclear reactor group”. […]