Air pollution triggers 33m asthma-related hospital visits every year

A new report suggests ozone and particulate matter cause a high proportion of asthma emergencies

Eleven major industries ‘highly exposed to climate risks’

Financial services firm Moody’s says these sectors have a combined $2.2tn of debt

Are this summer’s sunny skies a climate change killer?

As temperatures in the UK soar to 35°C, how concerned are the British public?

Heatwave deaths ‘to triple by 2050 without government action’

The Environmental Audit Committee says dangerous temperatures in summer could be normal by the 2040s

‘More than a third of public unaware of energy theft dangers’

Knowledge about potential risks is particularly low between 18-24 year olds

Glasto fans get in-tents poisoning warning

A new initiative aims to spread awareness about the danger of bringing lit barbecues inside tents. Glastonbury 2017 and Festival Republic have come together to help festival goers avoid the deadly effects of carbon monoxide poisoning that can arise from continuing to cook or trying to stay warm in enclosed areas. Emily Eavis, Co-Organiser of […]

‘Waste and biomass plant spells danger’ say green group

Green campaigners have vowed to fight a proposed waste and biomass plant in Pembrokeshire. Friends of the Earth have launched a campaign against Egnedol’s planned experimental gasification plant in Milford Haven. The group says the technology is unproven and all attempts to implement it in the UK to date have failed. It has serious concerns […]

‘Environmental dangers will shape the next decade’

Intensifying environmental dangers will be the second most influential factor in shaping the next decade. That’s according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which predicted economic inequality will be the largest contributing factor to global risks, then climate change, with societal polarisation coming in at third place. For the study, 750 experts assessed the 30 largest global risks […]

90 large energy management firms in the “danger zone”

Energy management firms, beware – new research claims as many as a third of the UK’s largest companies in the sector are at risk of financial meltdown. Analysis of the UK’s biggest 290 energy management services firms suggests 90 of them could be forced out of business. These businesses are in the “danger” zone and […]

Doug Parr: reasons to doubt nuclear

Doug Parr from Greenpeace gives his views on nuclear