Birds make SSE Renewables slim down its new wind farm area

The company has cut its Berwick Bank Wind Farm boundaries by 20% before it submits the project for planning consent

Biodiversity ‘being destroyed at a rate unprecedented in history’

On average, there has been a 68% decrease in the population sizes of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish between 1970 and 2016

Mowing lawns less ‘can boost biodiversity, save money and tackle pests’

Researchers from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres found cutting lawns too much, including those in public areas such as parks, roundabouts and road verges, has negative ecological effects

Forest area twice the size of UK ‘cut down to grow food since 2010’

Greenpeace International says millions of trees have been cut down to set up plantations supplying some of the world’s leading food companies

Will fish sink or swim in the face of climate change?

A new study shows fish populations are shrinking by up to 35% in coastal regions of China and Japan

‘Alien crayfish’ invades English waterways

A “highly aggressive” American crayfish is infiltrating waterways in East London. The claims come from the Environment Agency which is tracking the spread of the crayfish by planting tiny radio transmitters on their backs. The invaders carry crayfish plague, a disease which is deadly to the UK’s only native of the species, the white clawed […]

Hydro scheme success hailed as a model of planning

Three hydro-electric schemes for the Blair Atholl estates in Scotland have been given the go ahead by council planners. The three schemes have the potential to generate a combined 1500kW of electricity and could have working lives of up to a century. For at least the first two decades, they will also generate revenues for […]