Energy Entrepreneurs Fund: UK offers £11m to turn green ideas into reality

The fund seeks to drive forward new clean technologies across all sectors of UK industry, supporting the nation’s ambition for net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Industry reacts to general election announcement

The industry has reacted to Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for a general election on 8th June. She believes an election is the only way to guarantee certainty and stability in the wake of Brexit. Downing Street had always denied there would be a vote before the next scheduled election in 2020, however Ms May […]

UK manufacturers call for low carbon annual energy statement

Manufacturers in the UK are calling on the government to re-instate an annual energy statement along with a series of reforms as part of its industrial strategy commitments. A new report from EFF, the manufacturers’ organisation, examines the UK’s future supply of electricity and suggests the 2017 annual energy statement should include a full phase […]

Manufacturers want UK to comply with EU environmental laws post-Brexit

A majority of manufacturers would like some EU environmental legislation to remain in the UK when it leaves the European Union. That’s according to a survey by the manufacturers organisation EEF, which questioned 2,000 people. They believe substantial progress in environmental standards has been made with EU regulation and they are keen to see this continue. […]

EEF to help manufacturers be more energy efficient

The UK manufacturers’ organisation EEF will help companies be more energy efficient. It will offer manufacturers a new service which will help them save money and improve sustainability through carbon and energy management. It is designed to help firms tackle unnecessarily high energy costs by identifying where and why energy waste occurs, according to the EEF. It […]

Beat the energy blues in ’16!

UK manufacturers that reduce energy waste improve their chances of beating the ‘economic hangover’ predicted for 2016 by an industry poll. REDUCING OVERHEADS IS PART OF THE REMEDY Manufacturers’ organisation EEF says manufacturing firms face a global ‘economic hangover’ from 2015 that will continue into 2016. In its annual survey of manufacturing executives, 44% of […]

Manufacturers call for ‘bolder’ green reforms

UK manufacturers claim they haven’t seen benefits of the government’s “green” red tape challenge. It was launched in 2012 and allowed environmental regulations to be simpler and more effective. The government is being urged by manufacturers to go further in reforming legislation. Only one in 10 manufacturers said the scheme saved them money and time, according to […]

New ESOS guide for manufacturers launched

A new guide to help manufacturers comply with the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has been published. The ESOS scheme requires all companies with more than 250 employees or more than £50 million of revenue to complete a detailed energy audit at least once every four years. The first audits have to be completed […]

UK: EU carbon market reforms must start in 2017

The UK Government is urging for tougher reforms to make the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) work “more efficiently” and boost investment in clean technologies. DECC is calling for the so-called Market Stability Reserve (MSR), expected to address the emission allowances that has built up, to be brought forward to 2017 – four years earlier […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell on energy efficiency tax incentives

Should energy efficient businesses pay less tax? According to the British Retail Consortium, this is an idea the Chancellor should be considering. The retail trade association went public with a proposal last week to overhaul the current business rates system with a range of new measures, including rewarding businesses which invest in energy-saving measures with […]