Nearly 500 homes get free gas grid connection

Cadent and Affordable Warmth Solutions are working to connect Bracknell residents to a new gas network

Microsoft sinks sea-cooled data centre off Orkney coast

Project Natick is powered by renewable energy from the European Marine Energy Centre

Tottenham Hotspur spurs energy upgrades at new stadium

The installation of smart and efficient energy systems aims to optimise power use at the facility

European cities ‘lead way on green buildings and climate disclosure’

European cities are leading decarbonisation through green building standards while counterparts in the US are more focused on efficiency and clean power initiatives

Tech firm pumps money into efficient compressor factory

A high-tech engineering company is to build a new manufacturing facility in the UK for its efficient industrial compressors. Lontra will open the first part of its factory in Warwickshire later this year – it plans to spend a total of around £65 million on the new site. The expansion is also expected to create […]

IKEA proves blue and yellow make green

IKEA UK has reported a number of sustainability successes in its last financial year. Following €3 billion (£2.64bn) of sustainability investment over the 2016 financial year, the firm has achieved zero waste to landfill. Out of the 33,944 tonnes of waste produced by the company, 90.6% was recycled and the remaining 9.4% was used for energy […]

Lighter flight with plastic planes?

If you’re scared of flying how would you feel boarding a plastic plane powered by a battery? Well aerophobics can breathe easy as it’s a way away. But a new idea from global plane giant Airbus, is looking seriously into the concept of planes made not from aluminium but composite materials – in essence different […]

US spends $50m for efficient vehicle technologies

The US Government is providing nearly $50 million (£30.2m) for research and development into efficient new vehicle technologies. The funding will support a wide range of technologies that further cut fuel costs for drivers and help make vehicles more efficient. This includes light weighing materials, cost-effective batteries, advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and […]

US puts $84m into cheaper Carbon Capture & Storage

New cash to fund research into lowering the costs of capturing carbon dioxide from power plants has been announced by the United States. Its Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $84 million (£52.3m) to 18 projects in a bid to limit emissions from new and existing coal-fired power plants. Projects being funded include $12.8 million […]

New research aims to cut costs of wave energy generators

The University of Dundee has won a £250,000 grant for research into reducing the costs of wave energy generators and making them more efficient. It will be working on a three-year project with Pelamis Wave Power and will use the energy developer’s machine – the tubes of which are currently made from steel – and […]