MEPs back higher emissions reduction target of 60% by 2030

It is an upgrade from the Commission’s emissions reduction proposal of ‘at least 50% towards 55%’ over the next decade

Carbon dioxide emissions
ExxonMobil pledges $100m for emissions reduction research

It is partnering with the US Department of Energy to develop technologies related to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions

UK enters top 10 clean power rankings

Britain’s power supply is now the seventh cleanest in the world after climbing 13 places in a global league table. That’s according to researchers at Imperial College London, who in collaboration with the Drax Group, compared the carbon content of electricity supplies across various large countries between 2012 and 2016. They said the UK’s strong […]

Statoil exceeds 2020 oil and gas goals early

Statoil has already achieved its 2020 target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Norwegian Continental Shelf by 1.2 million tonnes each year. This greenhouse gas emission reduction is equivalent to taking roughly 600,000 cars off the roads. In 2008, the petroleum industry set a collective plan to cut one million tonnes of carbon dioxide […]

US provides $50m for cleaner coal tech

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $50 million (£38.8m) of funding to improve coal-fired energy systems. The money will ultimately finance large scale pilots to design, construct and operate new coal technologies to improve performance and efficiency while reducing emissions and the cost of electricity. The DOE has previously supported innovations in the […]

Swap planes for trains ‘to stop emissions in their tracks’

A shift in travel from planes to trains between London and Central Scotland has helped slash 681,064 tonnes of emissions. That’s according to new research published by Transform Scotland, which suggests the proportion of Anglo-Scottish journeys taken by rail grew by 13% between 2005 and 2015, rising from a fifth to a third of all […]

Retrofitting shopping centres ‘could be key to EU efforts’

Retrofitting shopping centres could play a significant role in reaching Europe’s green goals. That’s according to the EU-funded CommONEnergy project, which says “temples of consumerism” need to be turned into “lighthouses of sustainable consumer behavior”, by being properly accounted for in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The research adds wholesale & retail sites represent 28% of non-residential […]

UK construction firm nearly triples CO2 reduction goal

A British construction and civil engineering company slashed emissions by 14% last year, nearly tripling its 5% reduction target. Costain has made a number of significant sustainable changes across its business, including shifting to carbon-neutral green energy tariffs – this reduced its overall carbon footprint by 41%, compared to 2015. It has also made hybrid vehicles available at […]