King Charles to embrace green energy during first state visit to Berlin

The King will make a state visit to Germany with an eco theme after his planned visit to France was cancelled

Paris, je t’aime: Octopus goes big with €1bn investment in France

The UK’s third-largest energy supplier aims to reach one million customers in France by 2026

Spain and France opt for hydrogen pipeline over natural gas

This will see the project entitled to EU funding, due to its green intentions

COP27 reaches a deal on climate compensation

Analysts say the biggest economies must commit to larger CO2 reductions as the UN Secretary-General calls for a “giant leap on climate ambition”

Truss and Macron agree on UK-France energy cooperation

The countries pledged to work together to end reliance on Russian energy

Energy crisis is taller than the Eiffel Tower

The iconic French landmark will switch off lights earlier to save energy

French urged to cut energy use by 10%

Saving energy could help France avoid rolling blackouts and energy rationing this winter, the French President has said

Why do Britons pay double as much as French customers of EDF?

A strict cap has been imposed on the amount the company charges customers in France for their energy use

World celebrates US return to Paris Accord under President Biden

The UN Chief António Guterres, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the COP26 President were among the first to hail Biden’s move