Oil and gas firms must “embrace” workers from other sectors

Oil and gas firms in Aberdeen must look beyond the industry’s engineers and “embrace” those from other sectors. The comment made by an engineering recruitment firm follows the Chancellor’s announcement last week about tax breaks for older North Sea oil and gas fields. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers claimed there is a shortage of skilled workers […]

Bogus gas engineers burgle London homes

Burglars have been tricking their way into London homes by pretending to be working for a gas maintenance firm. Wearing high visibility vests and “something resembling” fake identity cards, the bogus gas engineers targeted homes in Islington, Romford and Muswell Hill, according to National Grid. The thieves claimed they were from North London Gas Alliance […]

Formula One science helps Morrisons trucks save fuel

Engineers are using a technique from Formula One racing cars to help Morrisons trucks save fuel. Experts at Sheffield Hallam University claim they helped a Barnsley-based tanker manufacturer potentially reduce the major supermarket’s fuel use by up to 10%. The team at Hallam Energy used drag analysis to examine the aerodynamic performance of the tanker […]

Brits too ‘snobby’ to pick engineering jobs

Brits are sometimes too “snobby” to pick engineering jobs. That’s the concern of one trade body expert who warns Government attitudes aren’t helping the sector’s image for young workers. Figures suggest almost 90,000 jobs in science and engineering will needto be filled by 2016 because of retirement alone. Industry figures see this as a real […]

Nuclear safety report will reassure the public

The public should be reassured by the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s report on the lessons to be learned from the nuclear crisis at Fukushima in Japan. This is the view of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche), which has welcomed the report and says it is now vital to progress plans for new nuclear as quickly […]

Nuclear jobs: the core problems

A recruiter’s perspective of the nuclear industry

Small business bosses don’t read energy small print

Research shows that more than half of small business bosses don’t read the small print of their utilities contracts. The survey by E.ON found that small business owners were least likely to read the terms and conditions provided by their water supplier (just 2%), followed by energy supplier (24%), broadband supplier (26%) and most likely […]