Huge blow for US climate mitigation, as Supreme Court rules against EPA

This means Congress will now have to pass off on any climate regulations

US seeks views for new $375m recycling and waste prevention programmes

The Environmental Protection Agency has published three Requests for Information, inviting interested individuals and organisations to share their views

Chevron Phillips reaches settlement to clean up three chemical plants in the US

The company will pay a $3.4m civil penalty and is estimated to spend around $118m to resolve allegations it failed to operate and monitor industrial flares

Biden reinstates California’s power to set own vehicle emissions standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement reverses a decision made by President Donald Trump in 2019

Small businesses to secure $3m green boost

Automated waste sorting technology and methane monitoring systems will be among the projects to be backed

Daimler agrees to $2bn settlement in US diesel emissions cases

The case of the German car giant involves civil and environmental claims related to the emission control systems of about 250,000 cars and vans in the US

US school buses
US awards nearly $10m to clean up polluting school buses

The US Environmental Protection Agency is providing the funding to help make older diesel models up to 90% cleaner

US climate chief reverses emission-cuts delay

Scott Pruitt, Chief of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has reversed the decision to delay implementing emissions reduction rules. The laws, which were set in motion during the Obama Administration, aim to reduce the amount of ground-level ozone – this is created when emissions from cars, power plants and other sources react with sunlight […]

Carbon Dioxide ‘not main cause of climate change’

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief has said Carbon Dioxide isn’t the main cause of climate change. Scott Pruitt, told broadcaster CNBC that measuring human impact on the climate was “very challenging” and there was “tremendous disagreement” about the issue. He said debate surrounding global warming needs to continue, despite these remarks contradicting the findings on greenhouse gas emissions […]

‘Trump’s energy U-turn will benefit developing nations’

President Trump’s fossil fuel policy U-turn will benefit developing nations and the fuel poor. That’s according to Myron Ebell, former Head of President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Transition Team, who told ELN he expected the President to follow through on his promise to pull out of the Paris Agreement. Speaking at a press conference earlier today, he said: “President Trump […]