Vauxhall and Tesco team up for free EV charging

Vauxhall has partnered with Tesco to provide one year’s free EV charging credit for new customers

Octopus introduces free charging with V2G tariff

Octopus Energy’s Octopus Power Pack, the UK’s first mass-market V2G tariff, offers free charging to drivers, enabling savings of over £850 per year compared to standard tariffs

UK considers heat pump and EV charger rule changes

The UK Government is consulting on proposals to relax regulations surrounding the installation of heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers in England

UK welcomes 60,000th electric van

The number of electric vans on UK roads has surged by 19.4%, reaching a total of 60,000 since 2018

UK schools granted funding for EV chargers

The UK Government is offering grants to state-funded schools for electric vehicle chargers, aiming to cover up to 75% of installation costs

British Gas launches ‘UK’s cheapest’ EV charging rate

British Gas has launches an EV charging solution under 5p per kWh, offering potential savings of up to £298 annually and a year of complimentary charging for new users

‘UK falls short on motorway EV chargers target’

The government has fallen short of its aim to have six or more high-power electric vehicle chargers at every motorway service area in England by the end of 2023, according to new research

Octopus expands EV charging platform to Germany

Octopus Energy has expanded its Electroverse platform to Germany, providing one million more electric vehicle drivers with convenient access to numerous chargers

Tesla strikes $100m EV charging deal with bp

bp pulse’s partnership with Tesla will introduce EV manufacturer’s ultra-fast charging hardware to the bp pulse network

UK to revamp EV charging infrastructure rules

The Department for Transport is set to revise local transport plans, ensuring the inclusion of local electric vehicle charging strategies and the provision of essential charge points by local transport authorities