Scientists reveal lithium-ion batteries that can survive in extreme weather

Batteries could futureproof EVs against freezing cold and scorching heat

Hottest day of the year tomorrow a marker of climate change?

Temperatures are set to reach 34°C, with experts putting it down to climate change

BBC global warming documentary ‘included a number false claims’

Among other allegations, the programme claimed deaths globally were rising due to extreme weather

Destination Earth: Digital replica of the planet to help tackle climate change

Supported with an initial €150m, it aims to help monitor, model and predict natural and human activity as well as develop and test scenarios for more sustainable development

English heatwave level raised by Met Office

The threshold has been increased to compensate for increasing temperatures from global warming

‘Extreme weather patterns are not new phenomena’

New data reveals the most extreme weather the UK has experienced dates back to the Victorian period

‘Leaders are absent on climate change’

A new report calls on the Australian government for inaction on climate change

New York announces $3m for decarbonised and resilient energy services

The funding is expected to enable utilities to more effectively respond to stress events as a result of climate change and extreme weather

Nearly 44% of GDP in cities around the world ‘is at risk of disruption from nature loss’

Nearly $31 trillion is at risk from the exponential growth of built environment, a new report finds

‘Climate disasters cost the world $100bn in 2021’

A new report lays bare the financial and human devastation climate change caused throughout the last year