Tomatoes denied by extreme weather!

Extreme cold and floods have seen crop yields hit hard

Freezing weather sees remote workers look to save on their energy bills

They are opting for a trip to the office over heating their homes

‘El Niño and extreme heat to return in 2023’

The year could be one of the hottest ever recorded, scientists warn

UN: ‘Floods in Pakistan to push 42m into poverty’

This combines the impact of last year’s heavy floods and what’s predicted for 2022

Climate change giving youngsters second thoughts on having kids

Africa is the most worried continent, after experiencing climate shocks themselves – a UNICEF report has found

US awards $43m to support clean energy transition in communities

A total of 23 projects will share the funding, with the majority focusing on increasing communities’ resilience to disruptions from extreme weather and other disasters

Climate change – ‘we are going in the wrong direction’, WMO says

There is a 66% chance that global warming rises by 2.8°C this century if policies don’t change, it claims

Perilous floods in Pakistan leave more than 1,000 dead

The UN has appealed for aid, with the Prince of Wales and UK government donating

Government introduces ‘strict’ criteria to better protect homes from flooding

Councils will be better placed to apply government policy where new homes, in areas at risk of flooding, should meet recommended standards on flood resilience

Thames Water announces hosepipe ban

The ban, which is due to come into force on 24th August, will be introduced due to “unprecedented weather conditions”