Climate change could give farming companies a $150bn loss

That’s according to a report by the UN’s Race to Zero campaign

Milk supplies targeted by animal rights group

Animal Rebellion activists have been drilling into the tyres of trucks at Arla distribution facilities

Wales announces £32m for farmers to plant trees to combat climate emergency

It supports the government’s ambition to plant 86m trees by the end of the decade

Government urged to pay farmers to restore natural habitats

Branding every kind of land as suitable for food and carbon removal is a recipe for failure, a think tank suggests

Time for a water grid?

The government is considering a plan that will enable water supply transfers between regions

Truss and Sunak slammed for being “out of line” with public on solar

Solar industry is “deeply concerned” about the two candidates’ comments on PV projects

Is Britain’s carbon-neutrality a chicken and egg situation?

Morrisons has introduced “carbon-neutral” eggs from hens fed on insects – which are in turn fed on food waste

Farmland capable of growing 250k tonnes of vegetables a year wiped out by new builds

Nearly 300,000 homes and large renewable energy projects have been built on prime farmland, according to a report

Lurpak: Energy crisis spreading utterly butterly

Price increases for fertiliser and fuel have led to a rise in the cost of milk production

UK’s largest CO2 supplier to close Cheshire plant

The move is predicted to strike further blow to the power sector and the NHS as the energy crisis escalates