Smart energy acquisition for Vattenfall in the Netherlands

Senfal’s technology enables businesses to optimise their assets through autonomous buying and selling on short term energy markets

Drax wins approval for £90m gas peaking plant

The open cycle gas turbine plant will have a total capacity of 299MW

Kibo Energy to buy 60% stake in UK power plant developer

Mast Energy Developments has a portfolio of flexible, small energy generation assets

EU approves Greek support for flexible power capacity

A maximum of 4.5GW is to be tendered via auctions until the end of 2019

UK flexibility platform provider raises £18.6m

Origami Energy uses smart technology that allows utilities, traders, network operators and consumers remotely monitor and control different assets in real-time

Centrica invests in US power tech startup

Centrica has announced its investment in a US startup that offers flexible renewable onsite power to businesses. The announcement comes alongside a consortium of other investors providing a total of $83 million (£59m) financing to California-based EtaGen, founded on Stanford University research. Its Linear Generator uses a low-temperature reaction of air and natural gas to drive […]

KiWi Power wins research grant from UK Government

KiWi Power has won a UK Government grant under the £84 million initiative to research artificial intelligence (AI), advancements in robotics and smart energy innovations. Last month, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy announced the winners of a series of competitions related to the development of AI and its impact on smart energy […]

New £412k project to develop online flexible power trading hub

The UK Government has granted £412,000 for a new online marketplace for local electricity flexibility trading. The hub, to be developed by Open Utility, is expected to help distribution network operators (DNOs) play an active role in managing local smart grids as the growth of distributed renewable generation, storage and electric vehicles will have a […]

Centrica prepares for new King’s Lynn CCGT plant

Work on the installation of a new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) and major refurbishment works at King’s Lynn power station is set to start next month. The 370MW project was confirmed in December last year as part of a £180 million investment programme into flexible plants. When complete, King’s Lynn will is expected to […]

Guest Blog: npower’s Chris Billing – Flexible Power

Giving the small guys big business benefits The energy market can be an unpredictable place. For example, we saw an £8/MWh price range in March, with prices dropping from £49.50 early in the month to £41.50 at the end. If your supply contract happens to be up for renewal in the same period we see […]