‘UK’s largest battery’ plugged into Balancing Mechanism

Flexitricity has begun optimising Gresham House’s 50MW battery in South Yorkshire

Flexitricity becomes first energy partner of Electric Nation V2G trial

The project, ran by Western Power Distribution and CrowdCharge, aims to demonstrate how EVs will be able to provide V2G services in the future

Flexitricity’s virtual power plant surpasses 500MW and boosts grid’s flexibility

The project aims to help National Grid and operators to balance variations in renewable generation and manage the security of supply

‘Net zero progress is not just a number – it will make a qualitative change’

That’s the suggestion from Alastair Martin, Founder and CSO of Flexitricity who spoke to ELN about the continued growth of renewables and how the net zero target can change the way people behave

Solar-powered car parks with battery storage in new trial

These smart hubs could help increase the ability to charge large amounts of EVs without placing further pressure on the grid

Flexitricity launches service to boost grid flexibility

It will enable industrial and commercial energy users and small generators to access the Balancing Mechanism

New partnership offers demand side response in Europe

An energy efficiency and renewable firm has partnered with Flexitricity for demand side response (DSR) services in the UK and across Europe. The latter firm will provide DSR services to Ameresco’s industrial and commercial customers, which will include short term operating reserve, capacity market, triad avoidance and demand turn-up. Under DSR schemes, consumers are rewarded […]

Demand response firm ‘to open up flexibility market’

A British demand response firm has announced plans to become an energy supplier and take on the Big Six. Flexitricity plans to give its industrial, commercial and public-sector customers access to National Grid’s flexible power market, known as ‘the Balancing Mechanism’, by seeking a supply licence. The Balancing Mechanism is the real-time flexible electricity market […]

Gateshead district energy scheme to get £1m boost from DSR

A district heat and power project has partnered with a demand response firm and boosted its future revenue by £1 million. Flexitricity will help Gateshead District Energy Scheme gain £60,000 a year from the National Grid by linking it to its network and giving it the flexibility to smooth out peaks and troughs in electricity demand. It will be able to […]

UK Power Networks will pay ExCel centre to use less energy

The ExCel centre will be paid to take less electricity off the network at times of peak demand in a new trial with UK Power Networks. It’s part of an experiment which could show we don’t need so many oil and coal-fired power stations on standby connected to the network. As part of the demand […]