More than two-thirds of UK public ‘want to see end of Big Six’

The majority of Brits would rather see a cleaner, more distributed energy system put into place

New York landlords commit to cut emissions by a fifth before 2030

The scheme aims to reduce the environmental footprint of large buildings

Levi’s says sustainability is in its genes

The denim brand has set a series of new goals under the Science Based Targets Initiative

Global tourism accounts for 8% of total carbon emissions

This is around three-times higher than previously thought

Scottish firms wasting more food than households

Scottish businesses are wasting 745,000 tonnes of food and drink – significantly more than households. The extent of the food waste was revealed in a new report from Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS). The total adds up to 1.35 million tonnes once domestic food waste of 600,000 tonnes is included. The figures, calculated from information gathered in 2013, will […]