UK grants £25m to drive low carbon vehicle tech

The projects are valued at £54m in total and are expected to save around 2.5m tonnes of CO2

Ford hits manufacturing emissions target eight years early

The car manufacturer has set a goal to cut emissions by 30% per vehicle produced by 2025

Ford and Mahindra partner for EV development

They have also announced plans to co-develop a suite of connected car solutions for consumers

Ford commits $11bn to cleaning up cars by 2022

Ford has committed to investing $11 billion (£8bn) in electric vehicles (EVs) by 2022. The manufacturer plans to release 40 hybrid and fully electric cars by this point. The planned investment  significantly exceeds the firm’s previous target of investing $4.5 billion (£3.3bn) by 2020 and marks a shift in capital investment away from family cars with […]

Do you dream of electric seats?

  Ford has rolled-out solar-powered smart benches in London. The benches, provided in collaboration with Strawberry Energy, have Wi-Fi access, charging ports, journey planners and sensors to monitor and display noise, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature levels. The 20 smart benches will double the number already installed by Strawberry Energy. Miloš Milisavljević, Founder and CEO […]

Ford marks electric post van for express delivery

Ford is teaming up with a German postal service to manufacture a battery-electric delivery van. The car manufacturer hopes its new partnership with Deutsche Post will see the proposed E-Van enable zero-emission delivery traffic and provide an important boost for e-mobility across the country. The German mail business has already designed and produced a zero-emission […]

Ford offers £2,000 to take pollution to the scrapyard

  Ford is now offering between £2,000 and £4,950 off new models when UK customer’s old petrol and diesel cars are traded in. The vehicle manufacturer says it will accept cars from any brand, as long as they are built to emissions standards applied before 2010. The part-exchanged vehicles will be scrapped rather than resold, […]

Ford expands green supply chain programme

Ford has expanded its programme for reducing the environmental footprint of its supply chain. The Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) initiative, which originally focused on water and energy conservation, now also shares and encourages best practices for waste, Carbon Dioxide and air emission reductions. The vehicle manufacturer suggests it could lead to global Carbon […]

London to trial Ford’s new plug-in hybrid vans

Ford Motor Company is launching a multi-million pound project designed to help improve air quality in London. The 12-month project will trial 20 new plug-in hybrid Ford Transit Custom vans that reduce emissions by running on electric power for the majority of trips such as deliveries and maintenance works. It is one of 13 new […]

Ford to step up EV production

Ford has announced it is stepping up its electric vehicle (EV) production. The automotive manufacturer is to release 13 new EV models, including hybrid versions of the Mustang sports car, F-150 pickup truck and Transit van. It says electric power will make its trucks more capable, give its sports cars better performance and allow its […]