Europe’s renewable PPA prices rise 2%

In the third quarter, Europe saw a modest 2% increase in renewable PPA prices, with some markets experiencing price hikes due to complex energy dynamics, according to a report

SSE Renewables goes global with French wind farm

SSE Renewables has commenced construction on the Chaintrix onshore wind farm in northeast France, marking its first project outside the UK and Ireland

EU greenlights France’s €1.5bn aid to support innovative EV batteries

The measure will enable ProLogium Technology to develop a new generation of solid-state batteries

Global meltdown: July set to break heat records

July is on track to be the hottest month ever recorded, with unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires impacting regions worldwide, according to the UN

Heat pump showdown: France surges ahead, leaving UK in the cold

France outshines the UK in heat pump installations, with more than 620,000 units sold last year compared to 55,000 in the UK, according to a new report

EDF likely to cut nuclear output amid heatwave

EDF anticipates reducing power output at two of its French nuclear plants in response to high temperatures

INEOS acquires TotalEnergies’ petrochemical assets in Southern France

The Lavera petrochemicals complex and refinery claims the title of the largest facility in the South of France

France increases EDF stake to 97.69%

The French Government aims for the full ownership of the energy giant by 8th June

Octopus unveils three wind farm deals

The energy company has invested in three wind farms, providing electricity to 30k homes

What’s next for EDF’s nationalisation?

An appeals court in France has rejected a complaint by minority shareholders regarding the government’s buyout of EDF