UK’s oil boiler reform underway

A new Energy Bill amendment gives ministers the power to require liquid fuel providers to offer renewable options

Time for a water grid?

The government is considering a plan that will enable water supply transfers between regions

UK urged to introduce more hosepipe bans as ten-day heatwave kicks off

Environment Secretary has urged companies to introduce hosepipe bans to safeguard UK’s reservoirs

Alan Lovell preferred candidate to chair the Environment Agency

He will succeed current chair Emma Howard Boyd, after her second term will end in September 2022

Government ‘is lagging behind its target to create new woodland’

More than 20,000 hectares of woodland need to be created by 2024 to help the UK be on a course to hit its targets, a charity has warned

Government does not plan to tell Britons to eat less meat

The Environment Secretary has said it is “depressing” when the debate about meat consumption is simplified to whether it is good or bad

Government slammed over tree planting plan

MPs have called for a comprehensive plan to support planting on a larger scale

Environment Secretary’s rent ‘covers Insulate Britain activists’ legal costs’

“We thought if we were his landlord, maybe he might listen to us”, one of the investors told ELN

UK declares war on plastic!

Plastic plates, cutlery, wet wipes, tobacco filters, sachets and single-use cups could soon be banned in England

Hinkley Point C could ‘wipe out’ 11 billion fish, Bristol Channel campaigners say

Activist groups are campaigning against EDF’s decision to remove Acoustic Fish Deterrents on the cooling water intakes at the nuclear power station