Greta Thunberg set to sue Sweden on lack of climate action

A youth group claims the government’s action on fighting climate change has been “insufficient”

Greta Thunberg is suing the Swedish government for climate inaction.

Alongside youth climate group Aurora, the lawsuit is being levied on the government for what Ms Thunberg calls “insufficient” action.

An overall group of 600, Aurora has stated its desire for courts to declare that Sweden must cut carbon emissions by at least 6.5 million tonnes annually – starting retrospectively from 2019.

This follows an open letter last year from the group, in which it pleaded for the government to “recognise the seriousness of the climate crisis.”

Nacka District Court accepted the decision to sue the government, warning that it has three months to respond.

The court stated: “The district court has today issued a summons in a high-profile class action lawsuit. In the case, demands have been made for the district court to determine that the state has an obligation to take certain specified measures to limit climate change.”

The Swedish government has been approached for comment.

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