Farewell flames: Water cremation makes a splash in the UK

Water cremation will soon be available in the UK

Water cremation, also known as aquamation or resomation, is set to be introduced in the UK for the first time.

This method of body disposal uses a mixture of water and chemicals to break down human remains, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional cremation or burial.

The process of water cremation involves placing the body in a pressurised vessel filled with a solution of potassium hydroxide and water.

Over a period of several hours, the combination of heat and alkaline chemicals facilitates the decomposition of the body, leaving behind only liquid and bone fragments.

These bone fragments are then dried and pulverised into a powder, similar to traditional ashes.

Water cremation is known for its environmental benefits – it produces approximately a third less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional cremation and uses significantly less energy.

Co-op Funeralcare has announced that it will be the first funeral provider in the UK to offer this service, starting later this year.

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