Protesters block access to Lancashire fracking site

Environmental campaigners have today blocked the entrance to a fracking site in Lancashire. Along with Greenpeace, 10 protesters are stopping work at the Preston New Road facility by linking their arms together inside reinforced yellow blocks, adorned with the Lancashire rose, to shut down any access from the road. They hope preventing lorries accessing the site will add to the major delays already […]

Environmental groups sue Norway over Arctic oil drilling

Greenpeace is taking legal action against the Norwegian Government for allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic. The environmental group, alongside Nature and Youth, stated in the lawsuit that Norway has violated the Paris Agreement and the people’s constitutional right to a healthy and safe environment for future generations. Earlier this year, the Norwegian Ministry of […]

Anti-Hinkley voices remain defiant

  Hinkley Point C does not make financial or environmental sense and should not go ahead despite approval from the UK Government. That’s the view of campaigners from Greenpeace and Stop Hinkley, who went to 10 Downing Street yesterday to deliver a petition, signed by 300,000 people, calling for the cancellation of the nuclear project. […]

Activists scale Nelson’s Column against air pollution

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Greenpeace ‘fracks’ Parliament Square

Protestors have set up a 10-metre mock fracking rig and drill in London’s Parliament Square. Greenpeace installed the rig in Westminster today to coincide with the first day of the Planning Inspectorate’s public inquiry into whether fracking will be allowed in Lancashire. The rig emits a flame which is being fired up every hour using […]

Indian village powered 100% by solar

A village in India is being powered 100% by solar energy. Dharnai, a village in Bihar, has installed a 100KW solar array which generates enough electricity to power more than 450 properties. Greenpeace claims the village had no access to electricity before it installed the solar microgrid alongside two NGOs. Around 70KW of the power generated is used […]

UK needs more ambition for 100% renewable future

A 100% renewable future is possible in the UK but the country needs to be more ambitious. That was the message from the speakers at the ‘A 100% Renewables Future’ conference today hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group (APPCCG) in London. “We need transparency on the argument on the cost of renewable energy”, […]

Greenpeace Co-founder: CO2 does not cause global warming

The increase in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not related to global warming and there is no definitive proof. That’s the view of Greenpeace Co-founder and former leader Patrick Moore who told ELN increasing CO2 levels is good for trees and crops on earth. He added: “In this century there has been zero warming from a statistically […]

Renewables ‘could provide 90% of UK power’

Renewable energy could provide nearly 90% of power in the UK by 2030. That’s according to a new report from Greenpeace, which also claims 25% of heating demand could be met by green sources. It expects wind generation to have a total installed capacity of 77GW and solar to account for 28GW of capacity during […]

Emma Thompson: Governments too easily persuaded by big businesses and oil

British Actress Emma Thompson said “governments are too easily persuaded by big businesses and oil” at an anti-drilling protest yesterday. The action, organised by Greenpeace, took place outside Shell’s headquarters in central London against the US Government‘s decision to let Shell drill for oil in the Arctic. Ms Thompson said she does not support the oil giant drilling in a […]