Apple launches new iPhone model made using ‘recycled rare earth materials’

The tech giant claims the new model was designed ‘with the environment in mind’ and builds upon its 2030 net zero pledge

Apple ‘dodges difficult questions about sustainability and repairability of its products’

The Environmental Audit Committee says the tech giant has continued to ‘swerve questions’ and avoided an honest discussion about electronic waste

iPhone recycling machine
Apple quadruples recycling points for old iPhones

Apple has quadrupled the number of locations customers can send their old iPhone to be recycled

Will new iPhone be solar-powered?

Is tech giant Apple planning to make its iPhone with a solar panel in the case? A common criticism of recent iPhone models is their relatively short battery life, with juice running out in less than a day. Rumours circled this week the iPhone 6 may have a battery boosted by solar power. That’s after […]

New app takes energy management onto smartphones

A new app for smartphones launched this week can put energy management “in the palm of your hand”. Makers of the new iPhone app say it lets users view their energy consumption peaks and resolve energy surges “on the go”. Energy managers can also look at and analyse metering data from mains utilities or sub-metering […]

Blog: Britain – The heart of ‘clean’ energy innovators?

Innovation. It’s the buzzword used by everyone in business and is vital for the growth of every industry. The number and variety of technologies keep growing, with innovators and entrepreneurs always coming up with new inventions. Let’s take, for example, one of the most used technologies around the globe – the mobile phone. Almost everyone […]

Smartphone app in the US shows power info

An energy company in the United States has brought out a free interactive iPhone application for customers to report and check up on power outages. DTE Energy said they wanted to make it convenient for customers to see up-to-the-minute information from their mobile phones. An equivalent app in the UK, called the Power Cut Checker, […]